Starter NPOD3 Max


Flavor 1
Flavor 2
Flavor 3
Flavor 4
Flavor 5
Flavor 6
Free Gift 1
Nasty Lanyard Limited Edition - Black
Free Gift 2
Nasty Lanyard Limited Edition - Red
Free Gift 3
Nasty Facemask Limited Edition
Free Gift 4

Starter NPOD3 Mini comes with 6 boxes NPOD3 with optional flavor and FREE 1 Nasty Facemask, 2 Lanyard & 1 Keychain Limited Edition.
Stop smoking with NCIG.

  • Brand: NCIG
  • Cartridge: 24 Pods
  • Volume: 2ml
  • Nicotine Strength: 5%
  • Each Set Contains:
    6x Boxes NPOD3 Optional Flavors
    2x FREEGIFT Nasty Lanyard
    1x FREEGIFT Nasty Facemask
    1x FREEGIFT Nasty Keychain

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Weight 560 g


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